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How to Apply False Lashes (for beginners)

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Once you learn how to apply false lashes, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. It does take a little practice and patience but the effect that they create is well worth it. Flaunt your false lashes with this easy step by step to help you out.

These are the items you’ll need before you begin:

  • A pair of lashes
  • Good quality lash glue
  • A pair of lash scissors
  • A pair of lash applicators or tweezers

So, here are the simple instructions.

1. Finish your eye makeup first

Apply all eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara prior to adding lashes. It’s too difficult to navigate around your eyelashes to then go back in and apply your eyeshadow later. So make sure everything is complete and that your lashes are the final step to your eye makeup application. Avoid curling your lashes, as it will actually make it harder to apply the false lashes.

2. Measure

This step and the next step are so important. So many people skip this step and then wonder why it’s just not working out for them. Firstly, carefully remove the strip lash from packaging and hold up to your eye to measure (make sure you get the correct lash on the correct eye). The lash band should not be longer than the length of your upper lash line. Measure from where your natural lashes actually begin, as you’ll find that if you try to stick the lashes too close to your inner corner, they won’t actually stick.

3. Trim

Using small lash scissors, trim off as much as necessary. Measure again if you need to only trim a little bit at a time if you’re feeling a little hesitant. Trim the band starting with the outer side of the lashes, rather than the part that goes towards the inner side.

4. Bend & Shape

If the lashes are brand new, you’ll want to loosen up the band a little bit by bending it into a U shape so follows the curve of the lash line a little easier. It will also help the edges to stay glued down during the day, and make for an easier application.

5. Glue/Adhesive

Apply a very thin layer of eyelash glue to the band and wait around 30 seconds until it gets a little tacky. If you use too much glue, it will make the lash slide around too much and be more difficult to apply. If you’re using good quality glue, just a small amount will work perfectly. There are also adhesives that you can apply to your lash line first, and then apply the lashes directly onto the adhesive.

6. Centre it up

I use tweezers, or you could use an eyelash applicator to line up the centre of the false lashes with the centre of your lash line. Hold the lashes in the middle with the lash line pointing 90 degrees towards your face.

7. Apply

Holding the lashes with tweezers, rest the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. You’re aiming to apply the lashes to the base of your lashes, on your skin, rather than your actual eyelashes. Keep your eyes open but look slightly down. What that means is that you’ll be able to see what you’re doing, but also be able to have enough space to apply them correctly. It may be best to grab a handheld mirror, place it under your chin, keep your chin up and look down into the mirror.

8. Corners

Using tweezers, press down the corners of the false lash band onto your lash line.

9. Smoosh it down

I like to use a pair of tweezers to carefully press the lashes into my lash line so I know that they are stuck there well.

10. Apply a touch more mascara (optional)

If you want to combine the false lashes with your natural lashes even more, apply another thin coat of mascara. I personally don’t do this step because it leaves residue on your false lashes, but many people choose to. Note, if you do this step, your lashes will need to be very carefully cleaned afterwards.

11. Practice and patience.

If you have never applied false lashes before, you will need to take the time to sit down and practice. Honestly the best advice I can give is to be patient. If you’re stressed and in a rush, I promise it just won’t go well, take your time. If you find yourself getting stressed about it, then just take a few breaths and remain calm.

Hopefully this simple step by step, with a little bit of practice, will help you master your lash game. You’ll find that wearing the right pair will be so much fun that it’s almost addictive. It’s a little bit of a learning experience but it is so worth it.

If you’re still not too sure why your lashes aren’t working out the way they should, check out “False Lash Trouble-Shooter”.

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