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Why Can’t I Apply False Lashes?

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False Lash Trouble-Shooter

Why aren’t my lashes working out the way that they should??

We’ve come up with a few common problems and a few easy solutions!

Problem: They just keep sliding around and not sticking!

Solution: Try waiting a little longer for the glue to become tacky. It may also be that you’re simply using way too much glue. Or, if it’s not either of those things. maybe you’ve waited a little too long and the glue has dried completely. If it’s still not working, check that your lash glue is good quality and not out of date.

Problem: Glue is just going everywhere!

Solution: Use less glue. Lash glue is actually really potent stuff and more does not equal better. Control your glue usage by squeezing a tiny bit out onto the end of a makeup brush and applying to the lash band. You should only have a very very thin strip of glue along the band.

Problem: I’ve applied the lashes successfully, but my eyes keep watering.

Solution: There could be a few reasons why this is happening. If you’re sure it’s from the lashes or lash glue, first check that you’re not allergic to the glue. A lot of lash glue is made from latex so if you have a latex allergy, opt for latex-free glue. You can do a patch test on the inside of your wrist, and then wait to see if you have any reaction. If it’s not the glue, it could be that they haven’t been trimmed enough and the lash band is too long for your lid.

Problem: I can’t seem to get the lashes in the right spot.

Solution: First, check that you’ve trimmed the lash band to the right length to suit the length of your upper lid lash line. Possibly you will need to cut them a tiny bit shorter? When you’re talking lashes, just half a millimetre can make all the difference. Secondly, make sure you’ve bent the lashes and softened up the band prior to application. Thirdly, be patient and take your time. It’s usually easiest to line up and apply the middle of the false lashes with the middle of your natural lash line, and then to push down the corners after that. Do this while looking down into a mirror (it’s actually the easiest way to see what you’re doing) so grab a hand held mirror if that helps. Lastly, ensure you’re not using low quality lashes, which can actually be very very difficult to apply.

Problem: My lashes regularly become un-stuck

Solution: There could be a few reasons why this is happening. The reality is that once they are applied, they should last you the entire day and night. Firstly, make sure your lash glue is good quality and not out of date. Secondly, if you are prone to having oily skin, make sure you’re cleansing your skin and eye area prior to makeup application. Possibly also consider if your eye makeup is oil-based on contributing to excess oil. Thirdly, check that the lashes have been applied correctly as they are more likely to come off if applied incorrectly. Lastly, consider that your lash glue may not be waterproof so if you’ve been dancing in the rain, or sobbing into a tissue, you may need to bring a small tube of lash glue with you and sneak off to the bathroom.

Problem: Almost immediately, the inner corner of my lashes starts to lift no matter what I do.

Solution: So you’ve really tried to press down the inner corner of the lashes, you’ve bent the lashes into the right shape, you done everything, and it STILL lifts on the inner corner. Often this issue is due to eye shape & lid movement. When you close your eyes your natural upper lash line gets smaller and when you open your eyes fully, your lid stretches. Obviously your fake lashes can’t shrink and stretch so they come unstuck in the inner corner. You have a few options here. Firstly, you could trim your lash band a little shorter so they start further away from the inner corner. Alternatively, and if you’re feeling very confident (highly, highly recommend experimenting with an old pair of lashes prior to doing this), is to cut the lash band and apply it as 2 or 3 separate pieces. It will mean the false lashes will move together and apart with your lid rather than lifting in the corner.

Problem: It’s really obvious where the false lashes start and finish

Solution: Hide the gaps with eyeliner or a dark shadow so you can’t see skin tone poking through.

I hope that helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!

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